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MODULES for business

Customized modules are available upon request.



Aspiring entrepreneurs, are you ready to be INSPIRED and discover great opportunities? Have an in-depth understanding the purchasing behavior of MILLENIALS (like me).

We're the largest segment of consumers / workforce. It is CRUCIAL for all types of businesses to learn how to reach out to this segment as the Millenials are the driving force behind DIGITAL MARKETING.


social media for business

Developing a Social Media Marketing Plan for your company can be daunting. There is a lot of information online but you can easily get lost or overwhelmed with the info overload. This short course 
provides you with the essentials – the channels, platforms, terminologies, practical tips and best practices – to help you craft your Social Media Marketing Strategy that works in PH. This also provides useful tools (for automation, etc) and resources to get you started immediately & help you meet your objectives (be it revenue, brand awareness, customer service).


go digital

Digital Marketing is the umbrella that covers Social Media Marketing, SEO, PPC, E-mail Marketing and more. And guess what, no matter the size of your business - YOU NEED DIGITAL MARKETING starting with a WEBSITE. Six out of ten consumers expect brands to provide online content about their business on some form of digital property, and more than half head straight to the brand’s website for product information. Learn the latest trends & strategies so you can start applying them ASAP. The cost of digital is WAY LESS than traditional marketing strategies but the impact is WAY MORE.


Customized modules are available upon request.


montessori at home

You don’t have to be inherently creative or spend a lot of money for your young child to benefit from what a Montessori-inspired learning offers. You can apply the principles to act as a bridge on what children learn at school or just embrace it because it's a great way to connect to your child as a parent. After the session, TRY TO FOLLOW AT LEAST ONE OF THE MONTESSORI PRINCIPLES THAT WORKS FOR YOUR CHILD’S AGE AND DEVELOPMENTAL LEVEL. DO IT TODAY.


child-led play in montessori

Unlike guided play (where an adult supervises and dictates the materials and use), Montessori is more of playful learning. Learn more about the characteristics and our role as adults when it comes to play. There are important limits that the Montessori approach implements when it comes to playful learning.


money matters, mommy matters

Let me ask you this question: How many years do we spend learning how to earn a living? How come we don't also spend time to learn what to do with our earnings?  Attend "MONEY MATTERS, MOMMY MATTERS." I retired from the corporate world at 30 and decided to become an entrepreneur. I looked before I leaped of course. Are we ready as a family? It may seem acceptable to take risks when no one depends on you, but once you have a child - every risk you take must be calculated.

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